Codeigniter Simpletest Modular Extensions Suite


I am still having issues with MB  - and apparently others are too view thread.  So, I am once again switching back to HMVC / Modular Extensions.. With that switch I am also converting the Simpletest module as well as my Tag and Template libraries over as well..

I’ll release them soon (this month…. really)


So, I am primarily writing this pre-post as incentive for myself to have a deadline and accountability.

After reading Jaime Rumbelow’s post on Codeigniter and Simpletest I realized I needed a way to do TDD in my Matchbox modules without having to set everything up each time.

I have an almost ready matchbox simpletest module that scans other modules for tests and auto runs them.   Each module you want to build with TDD only needs to contain its tests (which can  run on their own by loading the simpletest lib from the simpletest module) or can be auto loaded in batch from the main simpletest module.

If you are interested in helping me beta test, let me know – i plan to release a beta somewhere around Feb 1.

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  • Fabrizio
    March 8, 2010 - 8:31 am | Permalink

    I am interested in testing this library for my projects using and enjoying the separation modular with matchbox and Congratulations for the initiative…

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